• Personal Training in Paddington Recreation Ground – Maida Vale

    Personal Training in Paddington Recreation Ground – Maida Vale

    We offer state-of-the-art personal training sessions in Maida Vale – The Paddington Recreation Ground in the heart of your neighbourhood aimed at your health & fitness needs . You will be guided in a fun, safe and efficient fitness program, we will team up to reach your goals, exercising at a manageable effort to keep you motivated, ensuring results!
    Our sessions are detailed design, I have more than 20,000 hours of experience to pour into your success, and you will rediscover what you physically are able to do…for good, a life changer!
    From mat Pilates to high-intensity fit boxing sessions are just the tip of the iceberg of my versatility in fitness! Book your initial sessions to open up the door to a new you!
    I have been working in Maida Vale, a magnificent area, since 2008, fourteen years! I have not only helped clients I have also mentored a good number of personal trainers to develop their businesses. I adore the facilities at Paddington Recreation Ground for my training. The most equipped park in London: from a Fitness Suite in the middle of the park to a 400m running track, outdoor gym and different levels of workout stations! It is my number one preferred park for my clients to train.
    Paddington Rec is unbeatable.
    Paddington Recreation Ground, also offers an interactive community, Professionals Trainers, joggers, sports teams and more!
    In this environment and interaction with different experts, I learned from and influence others as well. You could be part of this and enrich your lifestyle.
    Paddington Rec in Maida Vale is a brilliant venue for you to hire a personal trainer, let’s team up!
    CLICK HERE to learn some of my clients’ successes!

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