All sessions are subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. All sessions are paid in advance. I understand that Integrated Personal Training operates on pre-pay basis and all sessions must be paid for in advance by bank transfer or credit/debit card. Bookings may not be confirmed until Integrated Personal Training has received payment.
2. Clients: Late cancellations, made less than twenty-four hours before a session begins, are charged. Trainers: Failing to turn up for a session will give one session at no cost to the client.

3. Prepaid blocks of sessions are used within a designated period that depends on the number of sessions purchased.

3.1 Block of one to five sessions must be taken within 3 weeks from the purchase date.

3.2 Block of ten sessions must be taken within 5 weeks from the purchase date.

3.3 Block of fifteen sessions must be taken within 8 weeks from the purchase date.

3.4 Block of twenty sessions must be taken within 10 weeks from the purchase date.

3.5 After that period sessions expired.

3.6 No refund is available.

3.7 I understand that if my trainer is unable to continue my training, I can have my sessions transferred to another similar trainer who agrees to take over my training programme. No refund is available.

4. The gym charges for using the facilities for non-members.

5. 24 working-hour cancellation policy.

It is strongly recommended to avoid cancellations and irregular training as they are obstacles which delay achieving fitness goals.

The effectiveness of personal training combines:
-our expertise, guidance
-client’s discipline
-frequency of training.
-client performance in and outside of the sessions.