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Personal Training + Fitness Unit

Integrated Training started 15 years ago offering personal training sessions and creating a new concept in training: the Fitness Unit. During his extensive career in the fitness industry Fabio Gomez had the vision to blend fitness disciplines/experts  into one-on-one training.

What is all about?
+ Your leading personal trainer will coordinate the team
+ You have the expertise of 2 or 3 personal trainers
+ If your trainer goes on holidays you will have always one personal trainer for your session
+ More variety, more motivation, more fun

Shared sessions

Do you need more motivation? Do you need to make your sessions more affordable? Train with a friend, a partner or a collegue!

Family PT

Family PT motivates you and your family to play, move, run, exercise and enjoy. Bonding through play which aims to educate your family in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Teens Detox

The digital revolution bombards parents with new concepts and ways to communicate which we want our kids to be part of, but not to be devoured by screens.

Full Body Scan Composition Test

+ Know your real and ideal body fat
+ Lean muscle mass
+ Water levels
+ Metabolic rate BMI

Integrated Masterclass

+ A unique integrated fitness class
+ Three fitness specialists from 3 very different backgrounds
+ A unique experience in fitness

Corporate Training

+ Healthier and happier team
+ Better working environment
+ Increased productivity for the company.