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Personal Training + Fitness Unit

Integrated Training started 15 years ago offering personal training sessions and creating a new concept in training: the Fitness Unit. During his extensive career in the fitness industry Fabio Gomez had the vision to blend fitness disciplines/experts  into one-on-one training.

What is all about?
+ Your leading personal trainer will coordinate the team
+ You have the expertise of 2 or 3 personal trainers
+ If your trainer goes on holidays you will have always one personal trainer for your session
+ More variety, more motivation, more fun

Shared sessions

Train with a friend, a partner or a collegue!

Family PT

Bonding through play, educate your family in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Teens Detox

Less screens more exercise!

Full Body Scan Composition Test

+ Know your real and ideal body fat
+ Lean muscle mass
+ Water levels
+ Metabolic rate BMI

Residential Fitness Management

+ Gym Inductions
+ Gym maintenance
+ Personal Training
+ Fitness classes

Corporate Training

+ Healthier and happier team
+ Better working environment
+ Increased productivity for the company.