Corporate training

It’s no coincidence that companies all around the world have recognised the importance of daily exercise and its effect on their employees’ performance levels. As well as the personal benefits, a healthier and happier team equals a better working environment and increased productivity for the company.

Ergonomics assessment
A poorly arranged office workstation is a major contributing factor to many work-related upper limb disorders and other symptoms such as eyestrain or headaches.


These conditions are easily avoidable and should be assessed properly to ensure that workstations meet certain requirements and are adequately equipped and adjustable to meet the user’s needs. A workstation assessment essential for all staff that use computers as a significant part of their work. We will review the current workstation set up, talk to your staff about their work needs and provide a clear set of recommendations for your employee’s ergonomic workstation set up and additionally, if any new equipment is needed, our Assessor can let you know
We also have different pre-build training and workshops.

Our services

Our work is based on 5 main areas: Posture, flexibility, relaxation, cardio and focus. Based on your specific company needs, we would normally recommend one of the following three programmes which are available on a one-to-one and group basis:

Improve Posture & Flexibility(45’ session)

corporate personal training+ Reenergise
+ Clearing their minds
+ Improve awareness and creativity
Many hours sitting in front of a computer encourages a bad posture and weakens the cardiac system. Our aim is to introduce postural techniques and exercises that would not only improve on flexibility but would also aid the circulation flow.

Increase Relaxation, Focus & Flexibility (30’ session)

executive training
+ Improve circulation
+ Relieve back pains and headaches
+ Enhance focus skills
Decision-making can in itself be a demanding task for which anyone would need a fresh mind, away from stress and worries.
For this, relaxation is key.

CORPORATE CARDIOCardio & Flexibility
(30’ session)

corporate fitnessHeart problems are only worsened by a sedentary lifestyle, being seated for many hours, and general work related stress. A few small steps, such as gentle cardiovascular exercises would make a great difference.

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