Parents and kids

Family PT motivates you and your family to play, move, run, exercise and enjoy. Bonding through play, educate your family in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Parents and grandparents

Why stop at your immediate family? Your own parents and grandparents will jump at any opportunity to bond more with you and their grandchildren. And this is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy while enjoying some special family moments. Challenging and helping each other is the most rewarding motivation.


You can choose from the park, home or any of our fitness centres. We offer a range of possibilities.

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We can help you achieve your goals:

+ Lose weight
+ Build muscle
+ Tone up
+ Fit into those clothes
+ Get back the energy you once had
+ Spend quality time with your kids

Who can join?

+ Mum and baby/toddler or kids
+ Dad and baby/toddler or kids
+ Mum, dad and kids
+ Grandmothers, grandfathers and aunties are also all welcome
+ Brothers and sisters
+ Couples

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the sessions, or click here and have a free taster session >>