Teens Digital detox

There’s a new way of communicating and this is changing every part of our lives and society. Sometimes it’s too difficult to address all the consequences, but there are a few things we can manage and address.

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First, you need to know the effects on your child’s health:

+ Teen Tendonitis
+ Stress
+ Sleep Loss
+ Increases Anxiety
+ Risk Of Cancer
+ Over-weight

Fitness plan: Getting them active could be the best and healthy plan for your loved ones.

Teens’ Digital Detox
Our personal trainers are specialised to work with kids of all ages. They can do it once or twice a week or take an intensive holiday detox.
We will work on:
+ Healthy posture
+ Own body management and awareness
+ Movement controls
+ Physical skills
+ Orientated to sports (adapated to the specific sport they like)
They’ll enjoy a playful session that incentivises them to be active and challenge themselves in everyday life.