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“Fabio thinks carefully about which exercise you should do according to your needs and objectives – after years of osteo, physio and sessions with other trainers, a few months of gentle but focused weekly sessions with Fabio and my aches and pains have gone (neck, back, hip). Fabio has a great knowledge of how the body works and great patience in constantly checking how you feel when you doing an exercise, and constantly amending if it feels wrong anywhere – whereas many other trainers would just stop the exercise. He pushes you, but is careful not to overdo it, and listens to you to ensure you engage in activities that you enjoy. Fabio takes an holistic approach – he takes your goals on  board (weight loss in my case) and so includes discussions and advice on diet and nutrition. The sessions are varied, fun, and motivating, and I’m always sent home with exercise objectives to keep me focused over the next week. This approach is certainly paying off!” Catherine, London W2

“I love training with Fabio… he drives me to achieve my goals and keeps it interesting so I keep at it. He provides holistic advice too (diet, exercise, stress etc). If only I listened more to the diet side! For me stress has a big impact on how I work out and he was able to adjust to that, which has fundamentally kept me engaged in the long term. I’m stronger, fitter, leaner and my poor posture has improved loads.” Katherine Croom, Maida Vale

“After years of putting off working out consistently, I finally took the plunge and signed up for ten classes with Integrated Personal Training. I felt the results after one week, saw results within three, and nine months later, am still as motivated to train as I was at the beginning. Fabio is a great instructor – he listens to what you want, is always encouraging you to push, and changes the programme so it never gets boring. And the best thing is – it’s February and I look good in a bikini!” Ursula., Maida Vale

“I just straight up told Fabio I want a six-pack and after only 10 sessions I can already see the outline. Fabio has good knowledge of how your body works as a whole, which he imparts onto you during your training so you understand how to perform certain movements properly. I have some muscle imbalances which have been addressed during the training sessions thanks to Fabio.” Luke, Queens Park